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Leaders in Location-Based Storytelling and Mobile Engagement

Since 2011, Artifact Technologies has pioneered location-based technologies that deliver more meaningful, relevant content and foster deeper engagement at museums, music events, conventions, schools, and public libraries. Our unique approach combines user-centric experience design with state-of-the-art location technologies. The result is personalized and memorable experiences that are rich with dynamic, immersive content and gamified interactions.

Get in the mix!


Simply the best photo sharing experience for any event.

Mixby is the easy way to make any group event better by instantly connecting people, and crowd-sharing the best mix of their event photos. Mixby combines our years of experience in location-based storytelling and mobile gaming with our aspirations to merge all our technologies into a single platform unlike anything available today. Our Mixby platform offers both consumer and enterprise customers a “micro-social network” to engage with others at any place they choose to create special memories. The network will be rich with interactions that bring joy and delight and foster deeper community connections.

Memorable Experiences
Unlimited Place Possibilities
One Powerful Network

Mixby is available for download now for both IOS and Android platforms.


Our Work

Artifact Technologies is the experienced leader in developing immersive, rewarding and fun location-based mobile experiences for brands, events and consumers. Here’s a sample of some of our work


Artifact Technologies is a fantastic partner, not only do they understand the technology, but they also understand the content and what museum audiences are looking for. That combination is unique, I’ve found, in the industry.


The Museum Practice

Working with Artifact Technologies has been fantastic. They’ve been essential in helping us to continue to deliver an experience that is unique and unmatched.


Battle For Texas: The Experience

One of the most innovative experiences at Gen Con!


Gen Con 2015 in Indianapolis

BattleKasters doesn’t just use your location to make the game exciting. Artifact built a system to dynamically alter the game’s environment based on where players are in the game.


The audio option is a must, really makes this an interactive experience!


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