Mobile Solutions

Since 2011, Artifact Technologies has pioneered location-based technologies that deliver more meaningful, relevant content and foster deeper engagement at museums, music events, conventions, schools, and public libraries.

Our unique approach combines user-centric experience design with state-of-the-art location technologies including beacons and GPS. The result is personalized and memorable experiences that are rich with dynamic, immersive content and gamified interactions.

Interactive Guides

Artifact Technologies offers an innovative, modern alternative to audio guides, guided tours and scavenger hunts.

By introducing fresh, new content that can be tailored to varying demographics, our apps and mobile guide rental programs increase guest engagement and encourage repeat visitation. Two-way communication with your audience serves to gather valuable data. Sponsors and community partners receive added value for their investment through in-app and off-site integration. Our guides and games align with both mission and margin goals.

Case Study: Battle for Texas

Geo Games

Artifact Technologies’ award-winning geo-game platform blends real world interaction with digital gameplay.  We serve location-specific game content and rewards as players interact with the game and move around in the real world.  We create opportunities for people to interact more meaningfully with games, with their mobile devices, with one another, and with the world around them.


BattleKasters is the winner of four 2016 American Advertising Awards for Innovative Use of Interactive Technology, App Games, Mobile Interaction, and GPS & Location Technology.  

Working With Us

It’s not enough to just provide you with a technology platform. Our team will help you every step of the way from content curation to identifying opportunities for new revenue streams. We’ll ensure the final product exceeds your expectations as well as the expectations of your valued guests.

When you work with Artifact Technologies, there’s no cost to get started. We will work together to identify the financial model that makes the most sense for your unique project—revenue sharing, fee-per-user and license models are all options. Our success is based on your success using our products and services.

  • Artifact Technologies is a fantastic partner, not only do they understand the technology, but they also understand the content and what museum audiences are looking for. That combination is unique, I’ve found, in the industry.
    Jeff WyattThe Museum Practice
  • Working with Artifact Technologies has been fantastic. They’ve been essential in helping us to continue to deliver an experience that is unique and unmatched.
    Ryan LathamBattle For Texas: The Experience
  • One of the most innovative experiences at Gen Con!
    BattleKasters playerGen Con 2015 in Indianapolis
  • BattleKasters doesn’t just use your location to make the game exciting. Artifact built a system to dynamically alter the game’s environment based on where players are in the game.

  • The audio option is a must, really makes this an interactive experience!

    Visitor to Battle For Texas: The Experience

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